About Ches Bay Resort

Che's Bay Resort

Che's Bay Resort, the exotic home to the annual International Isambo Beach Carnival, is easily one of the most breathtaking places on earth.

Tucked between the picturesque Singwe and Mwita Fubu Hills in Busia County on the Kenyan side of Lake Victoria, Africa's biggest fresh water lake and the world's second largest, Che's Bay is a sheltered haven with a stunning view of the lake and the beautiful islands that dot it, including Sigulu island on the Ugandan side and Sumba island in the Kenyan waters.

You also have a view of Nabaduma island, among the most special natural little egret bird sanctuaries anywhere on earth. From Che's Bay, you are within 20 minutes speedboat ride to these amazing islands as well as to the Sango Delta, where River Nzoia empties its waters into Lake Victoria. In two hours, you would be in Jinja, Uganda, marveling at the source of the great River Nile as it leaves the lake to snake it's way to Egypt through Uganda, Sudan and Ethiopia.

At Che's Bay Resort you are guaranteed 7-star service spiced by incredible beach and water sports that include sport fishing, swimming, kayaking, wrestling and football.

Come to Che's Bay, the Jewel of Lake Victoria!


Isambo Beach Carnival is a unique international December festival on the shores of Lake Victoria in Busia County that celebrates cultural fusion, people to people diplomacy and the blue economy while showcasing the Lake Basin as a magnet for sports, cultural and nature tourism. The festival, which promotes harmony of the cultures of the world, also celebrates the Kenyan Diaspora who flock home from across the length and breadth of the globe to share the festive season with their Kenyan kith and kin.

Targeting both Kenyans and foreign visitors, the festival, in its seventh season, is a tasty cocktail of sports, nature and culture drawn on the tapestry of Kenya's incredible natural beauty and rich cultural diversity, showcased by local communities and their neighbors, going all the way to Uganda and Burundi and spiced with international flavor from as far and wide as China, India and Costa Rica. The sandy beaches on the shores of the glittering Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake provide the stunning setting for the carnival.

The festival has also integrated the Blue Economy as an emerging important driver of Kenya's economic growth, and promotion of people to people/cultural diplomacy for global harmony. Acutely aware of the critical role of the Diaspora in this economic growth effort, with their remittances now ranking as Kenya’s number one foreign revenue stream, the Isambo Franchise has placed the Diaspora at the heart of Isambo.

First unveiled in December, 2014, the Carnival has swiftly evolved into a top international magnet for holiday makers looking to the largely virgin Lake Victoria Basin/Western circuit as a tourist destination. The Carnival menu is packed with fun activities for all ages and cultures, including:

  • Cultural fusion and harmony performances that feature the Confucius Institute from China, Indian Yoga Masters and musicals from such diverse places as Costa Rica, Uganda, Burundi and of course the rich Kenyan cultural mosaic.
  • Water sports cocktail of boat rowing, kayaking, swimming and fishing, exploiting the abundance of rivers, streams and the lake that inspire the water culture of the local Abanyala people and their neighbors that include the Luo and Baganda.
  • Traditional wrestling modeled on the famed Sumba-Nakhabuka heritage that made Abanyala the most feared wrestlers, comparable only to the Nigerian Igbo.
  • Beach football, volleyball, handball and tug-of-war, played in the sand and water!
  • Endurance sports that include mountain trekking up and down the picturesque Singwe Hills, Sumba and Nabaduma islands.
  • Live music and dance blending traditional and contemporary styles for all ages, with lots of local and guest artists.
  • Miss Isambo Pageant showcasing beauty and traditional fashion. Winners join the roll of honor of Isambo Carnival Ambassadors.
  • Traditional foods and brews served under the watchful eyes of community elders. Eating and drinking contests spice it all up.
  • The rare little white egret bird sanctuary on Nabaduma Island and the rich flora and fauna in the Yala Swamp and the imposing Busia Hills range offer an amazing array of options to bird watchers and other lovers of nature.

A children/family zone featuring variety of fun activities for children, including jumping castles, swings, slides, horse/camel rides, face painting and reading contests complete the fun menu.

The Carnival aims to showcase Lake Victoria Basin/Western tourist circuit, develop and exploit the blue economy, help to expand Kenya's tourism attractions, integrate the Diaspora in Kenya’s economic growth agenda and promote global understanding through cultural harmony, while unifying families and communities in the festive season, preserving positive cultural values and aiding budding talents by exposing them to the world in a wide array of talents, including sports and the arts.

The ultimate upshot is the stimulation of the Lake Basin economy and that of the whole of Kenya with a strong Diaspora and global role and promotion of cultural diplomacy. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to take advantage of the huge crowds at the carnival by setting up stalls to market their merchandise and services and to build lasting business networks with visitors. Diaspora are encouraged to sample new investment options.

The Carnival Team led by a Festival Captain run the show. Safety and security receive utmost attention to ensure a peaceful environment with a stand-by ambulance, medics, private security and regular police to attend to the thousands who throng the Carnival.

Corporate sponsorship for the festival can be for a specific event, set of events or the whole fest. Isambo Franchise is grateful to SportPesa, the festival title sponsor for five years running, from 2014 to 2018. We are also grateful to KCB for supporting Seasons 1 and 4 and to the United Arab Emirates and BIDCO for their kind support for Season 5. And very special appreciation to the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China that today ranks as Isambo's most valued partner from 2018 to date. We are keen to continue building this mutually beneficial partnerships even as Brand Isambo spreads to new horizons.