Enviroment, Water, Energy and Natural Resources


  • Reclamation, Rehabilitation, Restoration and Protection of County forests and adjacent lands within the County.
  • Liase with Governmental agencies and the private sector in increasing the tree and forest cover in the County.

Completed Projects

  • Construction of office block at Gilwatzi – Maragoli Hills for purposes of coordinating reforestation and restoration efforts in the Sub Counties

Completed office block at Gilwatzi

  • Fencing of four community forest in Hamisi Sub County: (Senende, Jepkoyai, Munzatsi, Serem)

Ongoing Projects and Activities

  • Greening of learning institutions
  • County Tree nursery establishment at Gilwatzi – Maragoli Hills
  • Development of the Agroforestry Policy
  • Development of the Vihiga Environment Conservation Policy
  • Equipping of office block at Gilwatzi- Maragoli Hills.
  • Drafting of Participatory Forest Management Plan- Maragoli Hills

Staffs being trained on tree nursery establishment and maintenance

Stakeholder engagement workshop on the drafting of the Maragoli Hills PFMP

Events Calendar

International Day of Forests – 21st February 2019

World Meteorological Day – 23rd March 2019

International Day of Forests – 21st February 2019

Stakeholder engagement with Maragoli Hills C.F.A officials