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Sailor's Beach Cabins at CHE'S BAY Resort now officially open! Enjoy rustic self contained comforts in a wild setting that guarantees you communion with nature, only here in #safeharbouršŸ’

Come make your forever special memories here in #safeharbouršŸ’ CHE'S BAY Resort the #jeweloflakevictoriašŸ’Ž

Enjoy quality family time in this calm #safeharbouršŸ’ Stunning CHE'S BAY Resort is without a doubt the #jeweloflakevictoria

About Ches Bay Resort

Che's Bay Resort

Che's Bay Resort, the exotic home to the annual International Isambo Beach Carnival, is easily one of the most breathtaking places on earth.

Tucked between the picturesque Singwe and Mwita Fubu Hills in Busia County on the Kenyan side of Lake Victoria, Africa's biggest fresh water lake and the world's second largest, Che's Bay is a sheltered haven with a stunning view of the lake and the beautiful islands that dot it, including Sigulu island on the Ugandan side and Sumba island in the Kenyan waters.

You also have a view of Nabaduma island, among the most special natural little egret bird sanctuaries anywhere on earth. From Che's Bay, you are within 20 minutes speedboat ride to these amazing islands as well as to the Sango Delta, where River Nzoia empties its waters into Lake Victoria. In two hours, you would be in Jinja, Uganda, marveling at the source of the great River Nile as it leaves the lake to snake it's way to Egypt through Uganda, Sudan and Ethiopia.

Che's Bay is the Home of Isambo International Beach Carnival which hosts events like:

  • Miss Isambo
  • Boat Cruising
  • Tug of War
  • Boat Racing
  • Mountain Hiking


Featured services and events

Sailor's Beach Cabins

Sailor's Beach Cabins at CHE'S BAY Resort now officially open! Enjoy rustic self contained comforts in a wild setting that guarantees you communion with nature, only here in #safeharbouršŸ’ And quite affordable too! Kshs 4500 single 6500 sharing for bed and breakfast, with free access to select water, beach and mountain fun activities.

Sundowner bonfire

Enjoy a special sundowner bonfire here in the #safeharbour of breezy CHE'S BAY ResortšŸ’.

Our Products and Services

Boat Cruise

Ready to have a boat cruise on the Lake Victoria waters.

Tented Accomodation

With a well packaged accomodation services, Che's Bay offers the best tented services at affordable prices.

Picnic Services

Che's Bay Resort is no doubt one of the hottest destination for holidays and vacations in Kenya currently.

Beach Services

Che's Bay Resort Palm Beach hosts all beach services including beach footbal among others.

Warm Hospitality

With a guaranteed 100% satisfaction, Che's Bay Resort receives more alot of visitors every day who leave the place very happy.

Our special Team

Hon Ababu Namwamba EGH


Clara Mayaka

Carnival Captain

Boni Manyala

Brand Growth

Hudson Softy Ojiambo


Why Visit Che's Bay Resort

Che's Bay ResortšŸ”„ is perfect for your camping excursion that offers you the unique exotic blend of the mountain and the beach fused into one exhilarating experience. It has been a pleasure hosting a crew by Bucketlist Adventures all the way from the capital city #nairobi. Come taste the undiluted pleasures of this stunning #safehabourā¤the #jeweloflakevictoriašŸ’Ž
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Tented services
3500 / night

top sale

Boat cruise
2000 / cruise

Family meals
3500 / meal

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Magical sunset

The stunning sunset of CHE'S BAY Resort, your #safeharbourā¤ the tranquil #jeweloflakevictoriašŸ’Ž. Come experience this magic.

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Exotic Che's Bay.

Tranquil. Calm. Healing. Therapeutic. #safeharbourā¤ Come feel this thrilling #jeweloflakevictoriašŸ’Ž

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Jewel of L. Victoria

Mr. Presitenti himuselefu, the irrepressible Hon Bifwoli WakolišŸ¤— and Rarieda legislator Hon Dr. Otiende Amolo among our many cherished guests here in #safeharbourā¤, the #jeweloflakevictoriašŸ’Ž. We sincerely thank you all.

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